Group Members

Shana Allen

Shana’s Goal: To provide useful information to help her client make the best decision possible! By going above and beyond to deliver the utmost client satisfaction, Shana makes success happen. Her market savvy, attentive service and sharp negotiating assure great results for those seeking or selling a home, while her personable, trustworthy nature eases clients through one of life’s most important decisions.


Shana loves living in New York City and enjoys all it has to offer! Originally from Maryland, this NYU alum has practically lived in almost every New York neighborhood – Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, the East Village, Financial District, Park Slope, Bay Ridge, and currently, Gramercy Park. With a passion for the arts, Shana’s spare time is dedicated to film, theatre, photography, fashion, and travel.


Please feel free to call Shana regarding any questions you might have about Manhattan or Brooklyn real estate. She would very much enjoy the opportunity to speak with you regarding your future goals and lifestyle needs.


Jeanine LeNy

Described as results-driven with a unique creative flair, Jeanine LeNy takes a thoughtful and thorough approach to her clients’ goals whether she’s finding the perfect fit for first-time homeowners or presenting qualified buyers to seasoned sellers. In addition to her vast knowledge of the city and her keen ability to match personality to property, Jeanine’s connections in high-end interior renovation give her clients an extra edge when bidding on properties in need of design.


A native New Yorker with an Italian mother, a French father, and a Turkish husband, Jeanine is a product of the glorious diversity that is New York City. Prior to her career in real estate, Jeanine was an editor to R.L. Stine as well as many other prominent forces in children’s literature. She is also an author herself, currently with fifteen titles in publication. “Every home has a story,” Jeanine says. “It’s always an honor when I’m invited to be part of it.”


Kay Moon

Originally from South Korea and raised in Japan, Agent Kay Moon brings a worldly perspective to New York City’s real estate industry.


Previously maintaining careers in advertising, interior design, and art therapy, Kay has a good grasp working with a variety of individuals and helping them achieve their goals. Kay currently owns a restaurant in New York City.


Kay believes that you can find anything you are looking for, and with proper guidance and market expertise, you will find that it’s possible! Kay is an excellent communicator and delivers professional and courteous service to all her clients. She is also the epitome of a “Hybrid” agent; working with both sales and rentals available on the market. Let’s jump-start your house hunt and bring it into full swing!

Kay is fluent in Korean, Japanese and English. She has a Master’s Degree in Arts and Science from New York University. All of these experience attributes to her success as a well-rounded agent.


Jacob Fine

A former financial journalist that covered high net worth investing and real estate financings, Jacob Fine is an expert when it comes to understanding markets and putting that knowledge to work for his clients. In addition to his background in dealing with sophisticated financial professionals, his years of experience as a journalist allowed him to hone his abilities to take complex financial topics and explain them in a language anyone can understand – a skill that has also serves his clients well.


“More than anything, I’m a people person,” Fine says. “I love people, and I love my clients, and nothing is more important to me than getting them the home or investment property they deserve, or helping them sell their properties at the best possible price to help them move on to the next stage of their lives.”


Integrity, honesty, and looking out for his clients best interests is what always comes first for Jacob and the reason that people know they can come back to him as someone they can trust. It is those qualities that have time and again brought him success, whether it meant being promoted to a position where he was overseeing an entire section of a daily financial newspaper or being trusted to run a family business.


His diverse interests as a long-time promoter of skateboarding in New York and working with kids through summer and after-school programs makes him somebody you have to meet.