First Wednesdays

September 5, 2012

Anthony Collins

June 6, 2012

Mimi Saltzman

May 2, 2012

Brian Josselyn

December 7, 2011

Ken Leland

“Gestalt + Mood = Perceptual Reality”  





” Whatever we envisage in Ken Leland’s abstract paintings seems to be in movement. A narrative emerges, perhaps featuring the interplay between everyday reality and symbolic reality. Are we seeing one picture portrayed from multiple perspectives? Or have various moments of the same scene in time been laid over one another?


Ken Leland’s work encourages us to explore our relationship with nature’s evolution, and to see things through the lens of time. “







November 2, 2011

Clara Aich

“Graffiti / Contemporary Frescos” 




” Publishers, editors and art directors have long known that Clara Aich’s photographs are unique. To this day, they continue to be astounded by her unusual, even unexpected, approach, to her subject as she delivers work that is both eye-catching and inspiring.


Over the years, Aich’s photographs have been as diverse as her projects. Early on she developed an eye, capturing the extraordinary in ordinary everyday life. If “photography is all about learning to see,” as her mentor told her, Aich learned to see–in her own distinctive manner. “