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Quarterly Building Spotlight: Plush Prices at 101 Warren


Amid Manhattan’s booming real estate market, some buildings have risen faster in value than others.
101 Warren Street would be a prime example.


When the marketing team for the luxury high-rise development announced its sellout for over $650 million in August 2010, they heralded it as the “largest and most successful condominium offering in the history of downtown Manhattan.”


But it appears that sale prices in 101 Warren have continued to climb – at a  much faster rate than those of the surrounding neighborhood, and some of its saavy investors are starting to cash in.


An analysis of six recent sales in the residential tower during May and June reveals that their sale  prices were, on average, 49% higher than what they were originally purchased for from the developer.


Sale prices across Tribeca & Soho, meanwhile, have risen 30% over that same time period on average, according to a comparative review of data on


While people are attracted to Tribeca for its classical, industrial charm, we increasingly continue to see buyers looking for amenity-rich buildings. While many of the neighborhood’s new developments fit that bill, many buyers are looking for something they can move into immediately without the long wait while the building is completed.


In addition to the skyscraping views that most of Tribeca’s older buildings don’t afford, 101 Warren features a spa, a Bloomberg Financial Lounge and board room, attended parking, and – most notably – a private forest of Austrian pines.


The biggest winner: a 3-bedroom, 2,200 square foot unit on the 28th floor that sold for $6.15 million in June. It was originally purchased for $3.4 million in December 2009.


This is a regularly occurring feature from The Tribeca/Soho Real Estate Report, by The Tribeca Team’s Jacob Fine. Contact him today if you would like to be added to his mailing list.


Pricey Penthouses in Tribeca’s Newest Conversion

Peek at the Pricey Penthouses in Tribeca’s Newest Conversion

Thursday, July 10, 2014, by Zoe Rosenberg
Via Curbed NY

[An in-progress rendering of the kitchen/dining area of one of the building's lofts.]

The prolonged condo conversion of Tribeca’s former book bindery at 443 Greenwich Street has been the victim of much conjecture and speculation, which all started to be laid to rest with the release of the building’s first interior renderings. However, they gave but scant views of the property’s 45 lofts and eight penthouses. A tipster unloaded new renderings that provide first glimpses inside some of the building’s eight, rather muted penthouses, the most pricey of which will ask about $45 million when it comes to market.

UPDATE: Our tipster noted that the penthouse was priced as $45 million “as of a month or two ago” but representatives for the project have reached out to clarify that that figure is no longer correct. No pricing information has been revealed for the building. Curbed regrets the error.

[An in-progress rendering of one of the building's penthouses, some of which will have double-height living spaces.]

[An in-progress rendering of the living area of one of the building's lofts.]

443 greenwich.jpg
Although there is a teaser site, little is known about the Metro Loft-developed building beyond its copious amenities, which will include a 71-foot-long indoor swimming pool, a landscaped roof terrace, and a fitness center with men’s and women’s locker rooms with saunas, to name a few. Know more about 443 Greenwich Street?


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Tribeca Team and Agent Jacob Fine Profiled in Spring Issue of Residency NY Magazine!


The Tribeca Team gets some heavy coverage in the Spring Issue of Residency NY magazine.


After years of supporting the local art scene we finally get our due recognition in the article Altruism, Art and Real Estate beginning on page 70. Click here to check it out.


You can also read Tribeca Team agent Jacob Fine’s take on the neighborhood’s real estate and his top picks for where to eat, lounge and shop on page 52 here.











Downtown ‘K’ Registration Soars as City Rejects Plea for Added Seats

Downtown ‘K’ Registration Soars as City Rejects Plea for Added Seats


At last year's P.S. 276 Winter Fair, strollers lined the sidewalk outside the school, a sign of the many siblings who will be entering the school. Photo: Carl Glassman/Tribeca Trib

Via Carl Glassman article, Tribeca Trib.  No change of heart. That was the word from a De­partment of Education official, who told Downtown school advocates last month that despite their pleas the city is going ahead with the Bloomberg administration’s original plan to build fewer than half the number of school seats below Canal Street that community leaders say are needed.


The city has budgeted one new 456-seat school below Canal Street as part of a five-year spending plan that is up for approval on March 18 by the Panel for Educational Policy.


The announcement followed reports at the meeting by several Downtown principals that kindergarten registration was higher this year than last, foretelling even longer wait lists at those schools, though the numbers are far from final. The most severe shortage of seats is at P.S. 276 in lower Battery Park City, where Principal Terri Ruyter said that 157 children in the school’s zone are applying for 100 seats. With 37 of those children guaranteed seats because they are siblings of current students, about half of the remaining chil­d­ren would be left without seats.


Nancy Harris, principal of P.S. 397, the Spruce Street School, said she will have a wait list for the first time. With zoned siblings taking up 26 of the available 75 seats, based on current registration figures, there will be 63 children in line for the other 49 seats. Eighty-six zoned children registered for the 50 kindergarten seats at the Peck Slip School—now temporarily housed in Tweed Courthouse—that is opening in its permanent home in 2015. Last year, 60 had applied.


With the latest birth figures released recently, future projections appear to be getting worse. According to a presentation at the meeting by Diana Switaj, Community Board 1’s director of planning and land use, even with the opening of the new 456-seat school in the city’s capital plan and the Peck Slip School, there will still be a major shortage of seats. Switaj projected that in 2018 there will be 550 kindergarten seats for nearly 800 kindergartners in the CB1 district.


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Tribeca Music Film Contest

Via Screen Daily: The Tribeca Interactive & Interlude: A Music Film Challenge invites content creators to work with interactive video company Interlude to create a music film for Damon Albarn and other artists. Aloe Blacc and Ellie Goulding are also collaborating on the project, which begins on January 28.

Participants can create film to the following tracks: Heavy Seas Of Love from Albarn’s upcoming solo album, Ticking Bomb by Blacc and Dead In The Water by Goulding.

A jury will select finallists for each of the tracks and they will be aligned with Albarn’s official album campaign on Everyday Roots, Blacc’s Lift Your Spirit and Goulding’s Halcyon Days, respectively.

Winning filmmakers will each receive $10,000 and a trip to the festival. The films will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival, set to run from April 16-27.

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11 North Moore Penthouse With Private Pool Listed for $40M


The 7,061-square-foot penthouse in the Adjmi & Andreoli-designed 11 North Moore Street, which features an additional 3,168 square feet of private outdoor space, has come on the market with a staggering asking price of $40 million. A whole bunch of other listings in the VE Equities-developed building actually hit the market a few months ago, slipping under our radar at the time, and seven listings are currently active with another nine in contract, according to the Streeteasy. The active listings, excluding the $40 million penthouse, range in price from $4.4 million to $12.75 million. Three of the in-contract units include a pair of $13.5 million penthouses and another large $13 million apartment.

The penthouse, however, was too much to overlook (thanks also to a tip from broker Fredrik Eklund), not least because of its private rooftop pool. That pool is not pictured, unfortunately—the pictures accompanying the listing are the same handful of renderings that go with all the other listings, plus one additional one showing the penthouse’s long living room and double-height windows. It does show up on the renderings, though, not looking particularly large. Still, a private rooftop pool is a private rooftop pool. -KM via Curbed ny


New look for the New Year! This is for all the fashionable men…

For all the fashionable men in TriBeCa and the ones that like coming into the neighborhood to shop and eat – check out THE ARMORY!

“Clothing with substance”, dress to impress in 2014. Browse here to get an idea what they offer and then come to TriBeCa to shop!

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Wishing TriBeCa and the Rest of the Country…

… HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Enjoy the rest of the year and have an amazing start into the new year!

See you at our First Wednesdays 2014!

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Sandwich Shop Brings Italian Flavors to Financial District

FINANCIAL DISTRICT — A new sandwich shop on Nassau Street is bringing the flavors of an authentic Italian salumeria, or deli, to the Financial District.“These are the kind of sandwiches we grew up eating in Italy,” said Antonella Nazzaro, 33, who co-owns the recently opened Pisillo Italian Paniniwith her husband, Carmelo, 40. “The ingredients, most of the meats, cheeses, are imported from Italy, and we think people will love the sandwiches as much as we do.”

The sandwiches served in the small, simple storefront at 97 Nassau St. start with long rolls that are sliced in half and packed with cheeses like smoked or fresh mozzarella, Italian deli meats including prosciutto, sopressata or mortadella and often some greens, such as arugula, with an added kick from roasted peppers, artichokes or sun-dried tomatoes. 


And while most American think of a “panini” as a hot-pressed or grilled sandwich, Antonella said that in Italy, panini simply means “sandwiches”— and all of Pisillo’s massive panini are served cold.

The 25 made-to-order sandwiches range in price from $8.50 to $11.90.

The couple, who moved from southern Italy to Bensonhurst seven years ago, also run a company that imports Italian products — most of which they’ll be using in their sandwiches, Nazzaro said. The fresh-baked bread, however, is from Royal Crown Bakery in Bensonhurst, an Italian bakery.

The sandwich shop is named Pisillo for Carmelo’s grandfather, who owned a cafe and salumeria outside of Naples.

“We have a history of serving people good food in our family,” Carmelo said. “It’s a tradition we’re excited to bring here.”


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Just a bunch of “noise”?!

This story is a bit creepy…

Of all the unusual noises you’d expect to hear in New York City, this might be the most unsettling one.

Residents in the Tribeca area of lower Manhattan, near the newly-christened Tallest Skyscraper in the U.S., the Freedom Tower, have documented a strange phenomenon: In certain weather conditions, the tower sounds like it’s wailing.

Well, “wailing” probably isn’t the most accurate term, but it’s definitely possible to hear a set of otherworldly tones in the video – long, sustained notes caused by the wind rushing over the building’s top and surface.

“It almost sounds like a Gregorian chant – it will hold a single note,” Tribeca resident Kenny Cummings told the New York Post.


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