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Death Defying World Trade Base Jump

Death Defying World Trade Base Jump


Some people are saying this is cool while others feel it’s disrespectful to those who died on 9/11.

What do you think?



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Talented Tribeca Kids

Talented Tribeca Kids



via Tribeca Trib. Some lucky and very young musicians and singers got to shine in the spotlight of City Winery’s professional stage on Feb. 8, 2014, the chosen few from Tribeca’s Church Street School for Music and Art.


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New look for the New Year! This is for all the fashionable men…

For all the fashionable men in TriBeCa and the ones that like coming into the neighborhood to shop and eat – check out THE ARMORY!

“Clothing with substance”, dress to impress in 2014. Browse here to get an idea what they offer and then come to TriBeCa to shop!

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Sandwich Shop Brings Italian Flavors to Financial District

FINANCIAL DISTRICT — A new sandwich shop on Nassau Street is bringing the flavors of an authentic Italian salumeria, or deli, to the Financial District.“These are the kind of sandwiches we grew up eating in Italy,” said Antonella Nazzaro, 33, who co-owns the recently opened Pisillo Italian Paniniwith her husband, Carmelo, 40. “The ingredients, most of the meats, cheeses, are imported from Italy, and we think people will love the sandwiches as much as we do.”

The sandwiches served in the small, simple storefront at 97 Nassau St. start with long rolls that are sliced in half and packed with cheeses like smoked or fresh mozzarella, Italian deli meats including prosciutto, sopressata or mortadella and often some greens, such as arugula, with an added kick from roasted peppers, artichokes or sun-dried tomatoes. 


And while most American think of a “panini” as a hot-pressed or grilled sandwich, Antonella said that in Italy, panini simply means “sandwiches”— and all of Pisillo’s massive panini are served cold.

The 25 made-to-order sandwiches range in price from $8.50 to $11.90.

The couple, who moved from southern Italy to Bensonhurst seven years ago, also run a company that imports Italian products — most of which they’ll be using in their sandwiches, Nazzaro said. The fresh-baked bread, however, is from Royal Crown Bakery in Bensonhurst, an Italian bakery.

The sandwich shop is named Pisillo for Carmelo’s grandfather, who owned a cafe and salumeria outside of Naples.

“We have a history of serving people good food in our family,” Carmelo said. “It’s a tradition we’re excited to bring here.”


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Just a bunch of “noise”?!

This story is a bit creepy…

Of all the unusual noises you’d expect to hear in New York City, this might be the most unsettling one.

Residents in the Tribeca area of lower Manhattan, near the newly-christened Tallest Skyscraper in the U.S., the Freedom Tower, have documented a strange phenomenon: In certain weather conditions, the tower sounds like it’s wailing.

Well, “wailing” probably isn’t the most accurate term, but it’s definitely possible to hear a set of otherworldly tones in the video – long, sustained notes caused by the wind rushing over the building’s top and surface.

“It almost sounds like a Gregorian chant – it will hold a single note,” Tribeca resident Kenny Cummings told the New York Post.


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Isay Weinfeld Exhibition in TriBeCa

Isay Weinfeld, an architect, designer and filmmaker for 40 years, has built a following in his native Brazil. But now his reputation should ripple with the opening of the first show in the United States devoted to his multifaceted career. Called “A to Z,” the exhibition is on view through Dec. 1 at Espasso, a TriBeCa showroom of Brazilian design.

Far from a traditional retrospective, “A to Z” opens with a cradle and a coffin, both designed by Mr. Weinfeld out of tauari branco wood from Brazil. In a separate area, visitors can see 13 never-before-screened short films that he directed, each relating to one of his architectural projects, including his Número Bar, a strip of a space glowing with multicolored lights; Casa Cubo, a home for art collectors with an astonishing suspended spiral wood staircase; and the Hotel Fasano Boa Vista, a resort in Porto Feliz, Brazil, with lakes, private villas and a petting zoo.

The show also features furniture and home accessories, including a movable bar called Toto, and a wood-and-silver ice bucket.

And it provides an opportunity to buy the latest monograph about Mr. Weinfeld. The book, which is called “Isay Weinfeld” and was written by Raul Barreneche (BEI Editora, $80), focuses on the architect’s recent commercial projects, including the Fasano Las Piedras hotel complex in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and the Livraria de Vila bookstores in São Paulo.

As far as Mr. Weinfeld is concerned, there is nothing immodest about this display of restless creativity, “It’s not me to show off,” he said.

Espasso is at 38 North Moore Street (Hudson Street). Information: 212-219-0017,

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The Smallest Art Gallery in New York is in TriBeCa

Leticia Ortega and Dionisio Cortes have opened “the smallest art gallery in New York,” on Chambers Street, in what used to be a souvenir kiosk. At 48 square feet, Front Art Space is indeed tiny, with just three walls to hang art on—and yet the inaugural show has 26 works by 11 artists.

This tiny new gallery had Sam Fox, a native Tribecan, presenting a street solo piano recital on the day of their opening Thursday, November 7th from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Ortega and Cortes, who live in Tribeca and run Wet Paint! Art Studio upstairs, have actually had an even smaller gallery in the past: The Window, in a window on Franklin, opened after 9/11 as a way to boost neighborhood morale; eleven artists were on its roster. Then came Nix in 2004, a much bigger gallery that shared space with Wet Paint!, when it was on Reade.

“My background is in architecture,” says Cortes. “So I’ve always fantasized about having a space like this.” The feeling must run in the family, because Ortega’s and Cortes’s adult sons, Dionisio and Mauricio, are also involved with Front, having handled the renovation and branding (as well as having their work in the inaugural show). Front’s motto is “anything goes”: painting, sculpture, video, installation…. “We’re even talking about having performances here,” says Ortega. The gallery might show anyone from Wet Paint! students to artists from abroad.

And as anyone walking by can tell, even after hours, the amazing thing about such a small space is that you can check out the art without even setting foot inside.

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Do you actually know…

… what “TriBeCa” stands for?!

While it may be a silly question for most of you, I am 100% certain that there are still people out there (even living in the neighborhood) that do NOT know what TriBeCa is an acronym for.


Tribeca, sometimes written as TriBeCa, and pronounced /traɪˈbɛkə/, is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Its name is an acronym from “Triangle Below Canal Street”; the triangle is properly bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Vesey Street.


Finding more convenient names / abbreviations started with “SoHo”. The name “SoHo” refers to the area being “SOuth of HOuston (Street)”, and was also a reference to the London district ofSoho. It was coined by Chester Rapkin, an urban planner who was the author of the “South Houston Industrial Area” study, also known as the “Rapkin Report”. This began a naming convention which has become a model for the names of new, emerging and re-purposed neighborhoods in New York such as NoHo (“NOrth of HOuston Street”), DUMBO (“Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”), Nolita (“NOrth of Little ITAly”) and NoMad (“NOrth of MADison Square”), among others.
(This is the official description taken from Wikipedia… )

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Joe Biden’s Niece —> Our neighbor in TriBeCa…

…. and in police custody at the moment for resisting police authority after fighting her room mate over rent money. I wonder if Joe is on his way to bail her out… ;-)

Click HERE for the full story.

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Crazy Duane Street Loft (23,500 sq-ft) in Contract now!

It was YOUR plan to snatch up TriBeCa’s loft mansion at 144 Duane Street?
You had $45 million ready to go?

Well, toooo bad… Someone else grabbed this luxurious bull by the horn and went into contract for a not yet disclosed price. For more pictures and the full article click HERE!

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